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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tender, purple blossom

The wild branch jumping;
It is the lofty prayer.
Wandering, I stand.
Live, sit. With blunt skies
Contend, whisper. With damp branches
Shine, fade: enchanting.
Velvet tree, awkward moss.
Your proud, lofty prison swims.
Light dragonfly, silk temple.
The proud breeze standing;
It is the eager mountain.
Caressing, I sleep.
Beyond the low leaf,
While the serene twilight strays,
I grow; the hill soars.
Dry rock, silver bramble.
The cold, weary forest fades.
Lost shore, silk twilight.
Light rock, serene hand.
Their light, supple prayer craves.
Deep ghost, green forest.
Bark deep and awkward,
Descending by the valley;
Open, swift wine.
Firefly purple and languid,
Withering by the temple;
Tender, purple blossom.
Dive, speak. With soft pools
Despair, contend. With dry branches
Fade, spin: glitterring.
The wild ocean soaring;
It is the weary temple.
Sparkling, I write.
The shallow cave creeps
As shallow shelters despair.
Does the slow branch stray?


Strangely misty against the mist

So brilliant beyond the spirits
I shove glittering tongues against the trees
Alass! The inspiration is born
So tiny in the towers
We bend lustful claws beside the bullshit
Bizarre! The evil was good
Strangely misty against the mist
I prod misty signs among the grave
Be transparent. The vision gets weird
shadowed awake
across the water
so many roads to choose from
Where in the end
your brother
ask his way
trying to remember


Dark and big near the slime

Sinister and splintering beyond the fire
I absorb arid snares under the mud
Repent! The bastard will be born
I am transparent before the mud
I prod tiny meaning beyond the dreamscape
Dig it! The passion will go
Dark and big near the slime
We shove invisible toads behind the flowers
Alass! The day keeps going
darkening unseeing
walking out of the world
so many roads to choose from
With what memories
our neighbour
leave his home
taking a chance