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Friday, September 09, 2005

Tiny tablet

I think one of the reasons I've been using the whole 'haiku' thing recently is because I think I needed some sort of 'form' to work with, otherwise I just ramble on and it comes out too wordy... it's just experimenting with the whole 'kiss' rule - 'keep it simple stoopid!' I know it's not great stuff - but I don't care what someone else might think. I like my own gibberish! Art is just an expression of the self's view on life, a mirror or reality... that's cool... my mirror might get a bit foggy or twisted from time to time, and that's fine.

When I think about
How tired I now become
After an attack

Black dog beaten back
For thus another season
My mind is now right

Black beast does not like
To be fed, petted, nourished
Best to starve him out

By putting it right
With a tiny tablet the
Size of a tic-tac.

maljam/mallard/malster © 9 September 2005