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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Seven Levels?

Seven Levels?

There are then seven
Levels of perception I've
Stumbled across... ah,

First is food, shelter,
Clothing - base necessities
To keep us alive.

Second is those things
We think we need to survive -
Material pills.

Third is friendships we
Find, grow, loose along the way,
A grieving journey.

Fourth is love, being
Felt as needed, vital, of
Importance, valued.

Fifth is a concept
Some call 'morality' - what's
Right or wrong, and why.

Sixth is the value
We place on those one closest
To us, our loved ones.

Seventh is mortal -
Birth and death, beginning - end.
These we can't avoid.

Mind you, the seven
Levels ebb-and-flow just like
Wash tides, seeping through

One-another and
Interrelating, weaving
Webbed footpaths of life's

Levels two-to-seven
Don't process orderly -

They all mingle, change,
Borrow, bleach, fluctuate, mesh,
They are such part flesh.

It's just a thought, not
A theology of self.
A life examined.

(Maljam/Mallard 16.4.05)